Der SYNERGY Kundentag

"Exchange, connect, benefit." - That's what brings our customers together. Every year - if the pandemic situation allows it - our community with a combined 300 years of CRM experience meet and exchange ideas. No advertising - 100% customer testimonials.


Thursday, 8.09.2022: SYNERGY Customer Day at Dorint Hotel (Sulzbach, Frankfurt).

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., our customers will give individual presentations on integration in volatile times, selection processes, supply chains, increasing acceptance and much more. Questions from the auditorium and informal exchange are being encouraged. Speakers and topics are:


SYNERGY/ GIMBORN: In the midst of unplannable times - results of the CRM survey.

WALA:  Keep the data together instead of building silos! - Avoid isolated solutions in CRM.

LEUZE: Software selection: In search of the right solution + the right partner.

Chip Germany:  Wellness for your Supply Chain!

DAW: Uniform, international CRM rollout!

LEUZE: How do I create engagement when using the CRM...?


Interested? Then please contact Klaus Eichhorn, 0172-45 18 730.


We have captured a few moments and statements from the 2017 Customer Day.

Take a look at what moves our customers:



Einzelstimmen zu den folgenden Themen finden Sie auf unserem Youtube Kanal:


  • Was sind die Faktoren für ein erfolgreiches CRM?

  • Welchen Stellenwert hat CRM für Ihr Unternehmen?

  • Welche Prozesse bilden Sie in Ihrem CRM ab?