"Together with SYNERGY, we have brought up CRM again. The employees are working intensively with the system because it is finally fast and brings real benefits".

(Managing Director, Branded goods)

CRM Reactivation - Revitalize dwindling Sources.

Often, CRM systems are unpopular, underutilized, and fail to deliver the desired effects. At worst, the investment becomes a real profit killer.

This is exactly where we come in and become a "new" implementation partner: We eliminate disruptions in the process, technical and mental obstacles and create the basis for intensive usage.

A well maintained, actively used CRM system increases the competitive advantage and demonstrably leads to more success.

What can you do?

  • Limiting the factual barriers as well as the mental barriers.
  • Checking whether processes and handling of the system can be further simplified.
  • Development of convincing benefits.
  • Gain internal drivers for the project.

How does our CRM reactivation help in concrete terms?

  • Precise analysis through individual interviews and group work.
  • Technical performance measurement with dedicated evaluation.
  • Action plan in consideration of the individual premises of content, costs and time.
  • Implementation
  • Control of results within the framework of an audit.

Practical Example Pharma: The CRM system was implemented in the sales force and fully functional from a technical point of view. Acceptance, however, was poor. The reasons were time-consuming data input, and limited use of that data due to a lack of sufficient system knowledge.

SYNERGY assumed the role of the new partner and in the first step concentrated on a clear simplification of operation, purification of data input and improved user guidance (fewer clicks). This was the first building block on the road to success. Each upcoming extension was considered exclusively from the user benefit aspect. The acceptance of the CRM system improved steadily with the consistent integration of all participants. Since SYNERGY's intervention, 250 additional users from different teams have been integrated into the CRM system and have become the driving force behind the company's success in marketing, event management and call centers.

Full Throttle with Reason: Implement CRM measures quickly.

As "Externals" we contribute experience from comparable projects and also often have a bonus as "Externals" when it comes to quickly bringing about changes - to accelerate them.

The market does not wait. Megaprojects are out and classic project procedures are too slow. But accuracy and thoroughness are just as important. Difficult to reconcile, but feasible by concentrating on the essentials and experience.

How does our e CRM reactivation help concretely?

  • Exact target description and expectations of the benefits
  • Lean documentation and interactive prototyping
  • Realization
  • Control of results within the framework of an audit.

Practical Example Capital Goods: The company is traditional - The business segment was new. The organization had just been restructured worldwide. CRM support: "0". Together with the management and team members, we developed all functions from lead generation to the processing of sales opportunities in just 4 weeks. With the start of the operative unit, a system was ready to start with which the sales engineers worldwide could use the entire customer processing and the management could comprehensively control the business. This successful solution is now also being introduced in the "traditional" divisions.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Noticeable increase in acceptance.
  • Faster results through external support.
  • Significant increase in productivity.
  • Permanently improved market cultivation.
  • Clear and precise plan for further development in terms of benefits, effects, costs and time requirements.