"We are benefiting extensively from our CRM. Our goals were fully achieved with the help of SYNERGY."

(Project Manager, Health Care)

SYNERGY implements powerful CRM solutions. We use the world's leading CRM tools as a basis. Years of intensive partnerships are reflected in our in-depth knowledge of the solution and are a necessary prerequisite for delivering good quality. Our objective is to deliver all content requirements and at the same time to deliver "In-Time" and "In-Budget". The aim is the achievement of benefits and the improvement of the business of our customers.

Our software partners already work with standards in the area of implementation. Supplemented with our own experience, we have a proven method for timely and successful implementation. At the beginning of each project we clarify: What are the customer's key aspects and skills? Where does it make sense to flank it with SYNERGY know-how? Where can the customer take on essential tasks himself? "Standard" alone is not enough. Every project has its own special features. A particularly critical implementation project for a globally operating, well-known industrial company was completed turnkey after three months.

The essential success factors were a highly professional team, but also the willingness to say NO wherever the standard software product was not suitable, requirements simply could not be mapped or time specifications were not realistic. SYNERGY promotes the discussion of alternatives, the consistent moderation, whenever it becomes controversial.