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We are a long-standing Aurea partner and have numerous customers who have been using Aurea CRM for over 20 years. The Aurea CRM solution is still very popular, not least because of its flexibility and range of functions it contains. Nevertheless, some customers are looking for complementary or alternative solutions. For these customers who want to complement or replace the existing Aurea, we offer transformation scenarios to Salesforce. This is not about a simple replacement, but about maximizing the preservation of the investments made and transitioning your Aurea world as smoothly and flawlessly as possible.
Setting up, developing and maintaining CRM systems is a matter of trust between the customer and the integration partner. Thinking about a replacement, even more so. Nevertheless, it is advisable to think about the future and thus also about alternatives. We would like to support you with our experience and work out the optimal solution for you.


Which scenario best fits your situation?

What it comes down to:

Why Salesforce?


Each tool has its strengths. For us, Salesforce is the most broadly positioned solution for sales and service in terms of functionality, alongside Aurea. And as a platform it offers many additional components. The advantage of a platform is, among other things, the chance to reduce interfaces and process breaks. Salesforce can also be used as a supplement to your existing CRM by adding desired modules. It's possible to extend it successively by further components if required, even without integration effort. 

Salesforce impresses with a broadly positioned product on a platform basis, using all advantages of the cloud. Continuous innovations in the area of CRM are to be expected.

How does Transformation work?


By transformation we mean: New components are added, proven components continue to be operated, interfaces are created and parallel operation is set up if necessary. This is a gradual changeover. Because often, the situation is as follows: The Aurea CRM works well and extensive investments have been made. The system is to continue to be used for the time being, but solutions from other manufacturers are to be used for extensions. Here, taking the clients' perspective, we clearly support the preservation of what is working well and of the resources already invested. Also in the sense of a risk-minimized change, because the CRM solutions are often in use for years. This requires an independent view and a lot of experience. We are happy to contribute both.

Wo does Migration work?


By migration we mean a complete changeover at time "x" with replacement of the existing system by Salesforce. The goal is to replace the existing Aurea system. Sometimes this procedure can eliminate old burdens and new paths can be taken.


An alternative is the 1:1 implementation. As many processes and procedures as possible should be left as they are. None or a few changes are made to processes. However, migration can also mean using the "new" processes possible in Salesforce and thus bringing about an overall refreshment through a CRM that is better adapted to the current time.

Our live model for you to see


In our SYNERGY transformation model we have built operational scenarios which can be assessed and used as models. Integrative connection not only for data but also integration in processes. Whether permanently or for a transitional phase - it is important to us that your market operations are unaffected by interfaces and systems. 

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We've got not only a live model, but have descriptions for all relevant scenarios and steps. Simply get in touch with us if you are interested. We will find the right way - even one hour might be enough.. 

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