Running operation


"SYNERGY has always supported us professionally - for 20 years now!"

(CRM manager, branded goods industry)

Much written, often said and widely known is that CRM projects "live". Behind this there is a constant process in which the CRM solution is extended according to the wishes of the users and adapted to the changes of the market.

We are proud that many customers have taken advantage of these services since SYNERGY was founded.

The scope of support includes:

  • Further development of the solution and activation of new components
  • Migration: Conversion to current releases
  • Helpdesk support and assistance

The quantity of support is determined by the customer. Depending on the approach, SYNERGY supports in parts or completely.


"Our solution has been run by SYNERGY for years. This allows us to fully concentrate on our business".

(Head of IT, Capital Goods Industry)

Companies are increasingly shifting the operation of the solution to external partners. This not only includes implementation, but also the provision of the necessary components and services. SYNERGY has therefore developed a comprehensive range of services that not only help to get a solution off the ground in a precise and lean manner, but also to operate it silently. We take over operations and hosting in the cloud. Just choose:

Typical questions are:

  • Provision of infrastructure (storage space, hardware)
  • Registration and ongoing maintenance
  • Provision of the CRM solution with adjacent components
  • Supplementary programming and system integration