Selection of suitable software


"We have achieved the best specifications with the help of SYNERGY. This was the perfect basis for a successful software selection and implementation".

(Brand Sales Manager)

The starting point is the definition of requirements. We create precise specifications. Different questions are taken into account, e.g: Where are the strengths in your sales? Where can the software support your business?

Companies that only use what CRM manufacturers offer, blindly accept competitive disadvantages. Hardly any company does not deal with customer relationship management. At the same time, the range of software solutions is growing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain transparency. True differentiation criteria are often difficult to identify. Finding the right software solution and implementing it successfully means more to us than just an investment decision. It is important for our customers to use the software to make their processes more efficient. Only when this has been achieved has the breeding ground for targeted and clever sales work been created and the market can be better than the competition.

The success lies more in the suitability of the content than on the level of "bits and bytes". At the same time, however, the solution must also fit technically. Without integration into the IT landscape, nothing works.

Manufacturer-neutral software selection

"Excellent about the project with SYNERGY was the structured search for the right software vendor based on years of market knowledge."

(CRM Project Manager, Industry)

We know the current software systems from more than 25 years of experience in the market, and from the most diverse projects in the national as well as international environment. As "implementers" of CRM solutions, we know the hooks and the eyelets in the projects. We have extensive connections and offer "real" references. Our studies and publications in this area are extensive and recognized. We know the dialect of the respective industry. These are the ingredients for successfully selecting the right partner for software and implementation. Ultimately, we also support you in drafting the contract. In the sense of an initialization we give the product everything on its way, so that surprises stay out as far as possible.