Structures + Processes

Recognizing structures

"Together with SYNERGY, we were able to accelerate the CRM topic. The identification with the goals and the commitment of those involved has thus really blossomed."

(Sales Director, Technical Services)

In many companies, CRM topics take place on the "feature" level and on demo events of CRM manufacturers. However a CRM system is a strategic instrument. The own reflection on the strengths and the foresighted view on the achievement of competitive advantages are the actual basis for the use of a CRM system.

This is where we come in.
We translate and transform the company's goals into manageable, understandable and comprehensible CRM requirements. How, for example, can it be achieved that the company becomes successfully active in new business fields/sales channels and/or new markets with existing products?

We bring all participants together and ensure a comprehensive and uniform view on the CRM topic. We analyse existing systems and consider how they can be used most efficiently. We separate the important from the unimportant and distil the real profit drivers.

Business processes

"SYNERGY has linked all the university's programs into a single process idea, worldwide."

(Director, International University)

From departmental thinking to process management.
Integrated, cross-departmental processes supported by innovative software are a prerequisite for higher efficiency. This, of course, requires existing structures and processes to be put to the test. At the same time, customer processing costs must be reduced. The focus here is on automating processes and transactions. Only in this way can existing potentials be exploited.

Typical questions are:

  • How do the processes run from the first contact, through the offer, to order processing and complaint handling?
  • Change of perspective: What does the interaction of the company look like from the customer's point of view - which customer interactions do Customer Journey bring the greatest benefit?
  • How well do customer-related departments work together today?
  • Which administrative tasks can be reduced to increase the sales active time?
  • How are customers classified/segmented and how efficient is the customer care concept based on this?
  • What organizational alternatives are there and how can these be evaluated from a business point of view?

The most successful projects are always based on the simultaneous optimization of structures, processes and IT systems. After all, innovative IT systems enable interdepartmental cooperation with integrated processes.

SYNERGY has methodical know-how regarding structures and processes; with the implementation of such into CRM systems as well as with Change Management.