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The personalized customer experience - the digitalization of dialogue - these are two central demands on marketing. With ever new channels, ever changing consumers and ever new technology trends, it is becoming more demanding to build a lasting and flexible marketing solution. After all, it should serve all areas of the company - with a central CRM system that masters day-to-day work from the trade fair to the newsletter just as well as customer journey or lifecycle management. In short, it must be possible to support all use cases. The technical integration of different components is another important task. SYNERGY delivers the complete solution - from concept to operation.


  • Processes without interruptions.
  • Error reduction: Simplified handling saves time, reduces errors and delays.
  • Better data quality and history
  • Reduction of wastage: Targeted and precise addressing reduces "unnecessary" wastage.
  • Data knowledge: Development of valid information supports targeted market development.
  • Data knowledge II: Historical data in CRM instead of "agency-driven" one-off actions.
  • Division of labour
  • Targeted cooperation and coordination between the teams is facilitated.