Synergy Tools

"It was almost as simple as having an instant drink. We had a problem and SYNERGY had the solution. For a patch upgrade, SYNERGY offered us existing and proven modules. This allowed us to solve our problem quickly and without costly development, cost-effectively and without risk".

(Sales Manager, Industrial Enterprise Textile)

SYNERGY started early to structure experiences from the projects and to develop them in the sense of "product solutions". Our preconfigured modules are described here:

SYNERGY GeoManager

Issue: CRM in Maps

Illustration of CRM data in geographical maps. Analyze, determine ranges, use results as distributor, route planning function, embedding in the CRM system.

SYNERGY Report Packages

Issue: Prefabricated Evaluations
Analyses and reports for rapid deployment with high expressiveness, context-dependent presentation of special analyses and views - also offline (mobile)


Issue: Legally compliant data handling

Audit of the DSGVO relevant processes, mapping of the necessary processes for legally compliant treatment, from data acquisition to deletion.

SYNERGY Data Quality

Issue: Better data quality
Detection of duplicates with individually adaptable matchcodes for the merging of data records in dialog. Can also be used for data import.


Issue: Data collection
Creation of surveys in the CRM and forwarding to the recipients, direct transfer of the results to the CRM and analysis or further use of the data.

SYNERGY Assistents

Issue: Support in day-to-day work

On the basis of defined rules, the digital assistant provides concrete "tips". Direct and fast information in case of deviations instead of long lists and reports.

SYNERGY Lead Capturing

Issue: Entry of interested parties

Fast scanning and verification of addresses. Direct transfer into the CRM and further processing as lead - of course according to DSGVO specifications.