Future Workshop

4-6 companies meet on a defined topic and present their ideas and findings on the topic. The rest is discussion, exchange and knowledge at high speed.


The exchange on the chosen topic should be promoted and the participants should have the opportunity to "network".


Topics from day-to-day business such as sales management or worldwide CRM use, innovations and new technologies such as social media, AI and...
New fields arise again and again for which interdisciplinary exchange is worthwhile.

The Format

The event will present and discuss concrete applications. Contents and contributions will be prepared in advance with the participants. This creates the editorial framework.

The Participants

Sales, Marketing, Service, Innovations, C-Level or CRM support, also border crossers are welcome. It is important to have a feel for business issues and topics.

The Success

The ZUKUNTFSWERKSTATT takes place regularly and has become an integral part of our work.

We are open to new topics that are of particular interest to you. We will bring you together with customers who have a similar situation. Get in touch with us!

Under our events you will find dates for the upcoming FUTURE WORKSHOPS.