The GeoManager


Put your business on a map! No more simple map displays and minimal knowledge from standard CRM systems. SYNERGY goes a step ahead with GeoManager: All relevant CRM data can be put on a map in any desired combination. The areas of application range up from tour planning to area optimization.


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Advantages of the GeoManager:


  • More than just geographic routing - you put your business on the map and move it forward decisively. Discover the spatial dimension of your data! 
  • It is compatible with all popular CRM systems and maps (e.g. Google, Bing).
  • It is easy and intuitive to use - especially for teams in marketing and sales!

Structure & Functions

The GeoManager consists of a basic module with all elementary functions, as well as optional modules or features. The base module offers you a solid foundation with which you can visualize most of your CRM data. In addition, we offer various extensions that allow you to maximize the potential of the GeoManager



With territory analyses, the scarce resource of field service is used optimally. Tailor-made territories can be created for the ideal customer service and the appropriate utilization of employees.

Furthermore, potential areas can be displayed and targeted.

Advantage: Better penetration and coverage of sales territories.



Routes can be optimized using GeoManager  .

Advantage: Save time, reduce travel costs, protect the environment.



Relationships between companies, groups, purchasing associations can be displayed. This makes it easier to find out which cross connections or dependencies exist and allows more transparency about one's own sales channels. 

The multi-level distribution such as wholesale, specialized trade or warehouse routes can be mapped . 

Advantage: Better visualization and recognition of dependencies and connections. In addition, ranges of distributors are visualized. So you can see how far your influence reaches and where overlaps exist.



GeoManager offers target group selection or the creation of target groups via the map. The  target groups of your marketing activities (or actions) in the map can be displayed and an adjustment of the target groups can be made using filters and radius search.

Advantage: Precise selection of suitable data for the appropriate target group through geographic visualization.


Product Search

Hereby, with the help of the radius search it can be visualized which market/outlet has listed which product. The GeoManager supports the search by article number/description and definition of a location with radius (e.g. 50km) as well as listing or visualization of which market has the article on the shelf according to the listing.

Advantage: You can see which regions are well or insufficiently covered by a particular product.


Object View

With the object view you can group physical machinery or buildings as well as intangible objects like projects spatially to customers.

Advantage: It is easy to find out where  clusters and areas or groupings are located which can be processed in a more targeted manner.


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Put your business on the map! No more simple map displays and minimal knowledge from standard CRM systems. SYNERGY goes further with GeoManager: All relevant CRM data is put on a map in any combination, routes are planned and areas optimized.

Plan visits using the proximity search.

Via this playlist we bring compact tutorials & short videos to GeoManager. At a glance, targeted features and possibilities are presented with which you can successfully expand customer relationships and win new customers. The GeoManager is one of our "benefactors" from our SYNNOVATIONS family!

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