TeamsConnect: The adapter between your CRM and Microsoft Teams!

TeamsConnect moves Microsoft Teams into your Aurea CRM and vice versa.

TeamsConnect improves collaboration by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams with Aurea CRM. Features such as direct audio/video calls, chat, and file sharing within your CRM accelerate teamwork and increase productivity. The solution synchronizes data, enables team and channel management, and facilitates sharing of CRM content across teams, making interaction more straightforward. With phone integration, calls through MS Teams are linked to CRM contacts to facilitate communication and customer access.We use cloud services from Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure platforms to implement certain features. We take care of the hosting.

Increase efficiency, remove barriers, and foster team collaboration with TeamsConnect.


These are the capabilities at a glance: 


Call MS Teams functions from your CRM:  

  • Video Call
  • Audio Call
  • Chat

Synchronization of Files and Information:

  • Document Sync.(configurable)
  • Creation of new teams
  • Creation of new channels
  • Sharing information in teams for "non"-CRM users
  • Collaboration of CRM content via Teams
  • Calling CRM customer data directly from Teams

Phone Integration

  • Receive calls via teams and open the contact directly in CRM
  • Any other process to be launched on the basis of the incoming phone number can be configured
  • Both "chat calls" and calls from the Teams phone system

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